We Are Not Surrey!

This is not to disparage Surrey. However, Surrey has a completely
different set of development and density parameters than Squamish. We
must have made-in-Squamish densification/in-fill standards inspired by each
of our neighbourhoods.

Many Squamish residents have lived in their neighbourhoods for decades.
Many have made significant (volunteer) contributions to our community.
These people are the heart and soul, the bedrock of Squamish.

I understand we need more housing and that includes
densification/in-fill as ONE of the options.

However, to impose densification upon these neighbourhoods without open,
direct, inclusive and transparent consultation with each neighbourhood
is an affront and a betrayal.


• Mayor and Council move and pass a motion directing the Planning Department to establish a permanent Neighbourhood Advisory Committee for each Squamish neighbourhood.
• Each committee to consist of three members plus an alternate chosen by members of the specific neighbourhood as well as a Planning Department appointee.
• This process must be locally driven not orchestrated or include outside participants.
• The purpose of each Advisory Committee would be to openly discuss how densification will be integrated into their specific neighbourhood.
• The goal would be to reach a consensus decision/plan for each specific neighbourhood’s densification.
• No densification plans/proposals to be considered until the above is completed.
• Each Advisory Committee would be meaningfully, openly and inclusively consulted on densification proposals that are being considered.
• Establish density goals for Squamish and each neighbourhoods.
• Neighbourhoods: Brackendale, Garibaldi Estates, Garibaldi Highlands, Loggers Lane/Finch Drive, the Business Park, Dentville, Hunter Place/downtown, Hospital Hill/Valleycliffe.
• Clearly establish neighbourhood borders.

Squamish is my home and has given much to my family and me. I offer
these ideas to help further the discussion of how we can remain a
beautiful, vibrant community and reflecting our collective nature. Given
the pressures of our modern world, this takes vision, dialogue and
careful planning. I question whether our community values truly are
reflected in the decisions that this Council and staff are making.
Sadly, it appears that we are being overwhelmed by growth foisted upon
us by outside investors and welcomed by our current Mayor, Council and

While many of these ideas may not be new to you, I do hope they offer
some guidance to creating a Squamish we can all enjoy, one that reflects
who we are and how we want to grow.


Bob Brant 

CC – Squamish Media

The Author

  • Bob Brant

    Bob Brant has lived in Squamish since 1979, 43 years. He has been a long-time volunteer with several community organizations. A few examples include being a co-founder of the Squamish Trails Society and past president for nineteen years. He was the Squamish Chamber of Commerce director for two terms and the sponsorship coordinator for Bob McIntosh Triathlon for four years. Also, Bob was recognized as the Squamish Citizen of the Year in 2003.

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