Gord Addison

Gord Addison is a digital marketing professional who’s lived and worked in Squamish for many years. Deeply interested in the intersection between public policy and community-building, Gord recognizes the practical tools Squamish can use to address its growing pains. In his spare time, you can find him cycling, climbing, or running in the Sea-to-Sky area.

Nikki Layton

Nikki Layton is President of the Squamish Windsport Society. A passionate activist for the Realign Not Remove initiative, Nikki is concerned about how the removal of the Squamish Spit will impact tourism and local access to the ocean in our growing community. She believes that windsports and the environment can co-exist, and that there’s a solution that benefits generations to come in Squamish.

Evan Drygas

Evan Drygas is the creator of the Squamish Forward initiative. The success of Squamish is especially important to him as a fifth-generation Squamish resident. Evan wants to ensure that his family can continue to grow in step with the growth of our community.

Mike Sheehan

Mike Sheehan is President of BC Marine Logistics Ltd., a local company which provides and promotes marine safety and emergency response plans to clients in the Squamish area. He knows first-hand the value that Squamish’s natural environment provides to the local economy, and believes that responsible resource development will contribute to the economic diversification needed to support our town.

Hollie Sones

Hollie Sones grew up in Squamish, and currently works as a Health, Safety, and Environmental Specialist. Although Hollie no longer lives in town due to its immense growing pains, she’s a passionate advocate for making Squamish a more liveable place.